As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?

Every day i look for a reason to be happy! A reason to smile! A want to feel loved! A hollowed heart needs to be filled up! A hug can barely repair the damage done! And then there comes the some thing black, something that is bitter, something that a man with his head in right place would never want to fall in love with

Black as night, sweet as sin

How,when,where,why? Don’t ask its just happens as they say love happens!

The aroma of the seed which are roasted, the grinder crunching noises,the oils dripping in and infusing with the pipping hot steamy  water the flavors are on the rise which make you go high!

As the first sip u take trying to soothe your taste buds you realize it is bitter, it is not your cup, it must be a crazy idea to sip onto something so bitter! Add a lot of sugar and gulp it down, you are done with the first cup and a few moments, a few hours, a few days later when you pass by a cafe,a restaurant from all the bouquet of aromas the one aroma that stands out, the one aroma that calls you, whispers into your senses and calls you in, just like a lover asking you to leave all your worries,leave all your tensions, leave all your unwanted materialistic life and just get in there and rob a few moments of life!

And yes there you are in true love with the black nectar which was personally hand picked by the angels from the heaven and planted to perfection by the god himself to ask the human kind to keep sane!

The cup keeps getting bigger, the sugar keeps getting lower, the black cuppa the disgusting black cup of liquid is now the black liquid which heals!

It’s a hug you get!

It’s co-operative,it understands you! Mixes with the harsh hot water or milk or soothes with the cream! It froths along or even puts along your cold stone hearted world to mix along with the ice and cold frappes!

It’s a language in it self,it’s a religion,it’s culture,it’s a way of living,it’s life,it’s love to eternity!

It’s coffee, no it’s not just coffee! It’s life,it’s love! It’s

love of my life!

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