City of dreams ~ Mumbai!

Caught in the act of being busy? Have a day to spare at Mumbai? There are a 100 thousand things to do in this amazing city. But, here’s one of the ways you could  :

We all have heard about how busy and fast the Aamchi Mumbai is!

Have you ever wondered how to spend a day in Mumbai? Loving Mumbai for it’s pace and getting to be laid back at the same time?

This is how I spent a day doing what I love, loving Mumbai’s pace, walking through the history and learning about nature!


I was put up in Powai, which is fairly 30 kms away from colaba. The day begun with cutting chai and road side poha. I love Mumbai’s pace and the local. To get to colaba from Powai, I had to take rickshaw to Sakinaka, a metro train from Sakinaka to Andheri, walk a few meters, take a ticket, board a local and then get off at Church gate. Phew! Excited? Tired? Well this was just the first 60 minutes of the day!


This is the pace of Mumbai which I love and I was talking about. If you do not fancy this, you can always take a cab to the place, but you will miss out on all the rich experiences.

Get out at the church gate and savor your taste buds with typical Mumbai’s bhel, hot vada pav with fried spicy chilly and sip on to something chilled next shop. (Both the vendors stand near the exit gate, there are other vendors selling sandwiches and dabeli too!)


Now walk through, all the way to lions gate where you have the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya! I love walking in Mumbai, you get to live the city’s heritage, the pace and the awesome things it has to offer!


Where you can learn a lot about the history, nature and arts! Well, the walk from church gate is long and that is the best part!


All the areas were spic and span!


The chaos is left behind and all you have here is knowledge and peace!

You can move around the museum and pick the area of interest. It has all to offer, from the harrapan civilization to the modern art! My area of interest was nature and birds. I was surprised to see the wide array of species put on here and the museum is well maintained.


I love birds and the museums curator and the other folks were very helpful! They conduct birding sessions for the school students and when a bird lover like me shows up they love cranking up a conversation and pulling few interesting facts about the birds, museum and salim ali!

The curious ones! Not just the students teachers get to learn too!

The calmness and the silence does soak in, done with the learning? Missing the crowd and street food? We’ll walk down to the main road and a few meters ahead you have all the crowd you can think of

If you think people have a lot of money on the road in Mumbai, think again!

Soak in the sun, see the crowd, savor the moment

and head to one of the most iconic places in Mumbai! Yes, the taj! Sip a coffee, eat a dosa and relax yourself!


Take a stroll around and then head to either of the most iconic cafes. They essentially defined the Indian cafe culture!

Leopolds for the shantaram fans

Leopold’s essentially is a place where the dons and the goons would have their meetings and hence it’s called the adda by the Mumbaikars! You still can see the bullet marks from the shootouts around. The crowd is made mostly of the goras, don’t expect to be treated well or bloody even equal at this place!

It’s always busy in here!
But still carries the old world’s charm.

Or Mondegar for the true spirit of bombay!

The murals of Mario miranda!
The inside story! The place is overly crowded and the food is good.

Even an hour at this city is infectious, it pulls you, there’s something about the city which never wants you to leave it! One moment you look at the pace and are fed up of it. Next moment you are addicted to it!

It’s not just a city, it’s an emotion, it’s an addiction; it’s a drug!

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