I was in the heart of the pink city - Jaipur. The speed and the chaos always gets me tensed. The old city gates and a million people rushing through always isn't a pleasing sight! A day of city tour is fun and next day it's just ordered chaos knocking your head off. I've been to Jaipur many times and I've always loved the Amer. The Amer fort is truly one of the best places to be at, you can soak into the rich history and culture. While the gigantic and sheer mamothness of the place will take forever to sink in. However, if you want to indulge in the history just a tad bit and want to take a slow lazy day around the city. Nahargarh would certainly be my pick! It's so enticing that even Bollywood prefers it!

The drive to the fort is absolutely thrilling! It gets even better after sunset, little did I know this place used to be haunted. I wouldn't want to venture here after the Bhangarh incident! However the night drive to the fort was exhilarating and made my adventures worth with the night view of the Jaipur city. Remember the coolest movie of it's time called rang de basanti, yup here's the rather coolest place of it's time. However the people manage to spoil it and government fails to restore it. The fort in itself is 3/4th commercialised with wierd wax museum and hotels. If you have an extra day if you have half a day to sit down read through your favourite book or just soak into the sun while you are surrounded with the heritage. There are 2 restaurants here 

1) RTDC.

If you are going at night, this restaurant is the place to be. The food is just average and the prices are ok for the setup it's rather cheap. However it reads self service. Make sure you tip any guy with the uniform there and they will happily serve you!

2) Once upon a time.

This place is apparently a star hotel. They have men poaching near the fort to invite the firangees and if a brown chap walks in the guard makes sure you are informed that it's a restaurant. He lays his high esteem and arrogance of being a gatekeeper of a star restaurant and makes sure he smirks to the words in his head "really? Being an Indian going to a star restaurant. Menu Dekh k Baar aaega" At this point I was quite convinced that it's a star restaurant! The setup is rather breath taking and food is average. It surely rips your wallet for the kind of service it provides. But I overlooked these things and enjoyed my coffee with my book. 



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